Data protection and GDPR is just something big businesses have to worry about, right?

Sadly, wrong. 

Managing your customers or clients data correctly is really important for any business and there are quite a few responsibilities, rules and regulations to get your head around when doing so. 

We sympathise! 

As if it isn’t difficult enough to run a small business, this is another thing to consider. Please don’t let it slow you down though. 

Let’s take a look at it in its simplest form. Data protection does what it says on the tin. It protects the end user’s data from how we are using it. So here are some of the things you can’t do without permission:

  • Email people without their consent, even for your newsletters!
  • Disclose anyone’s information to a third party 
  • Keep anyones details if they ask you to remove them 

Essentially there are quite a few rules and regulations you need to get your head around before you start collecting people’s data (anything from someone’s email to their bank details) but once you have your head around it, it’s easy to keep on top of. 

Our advice? Head to our CPD certified course Data Protection, GDPR and You to learn in an easy and user friendly way, what your responsibilities are when it comes to the big world of data. We can’t wait to help.

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